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Attracting people, hiring the best candidate and then maintaining the right employee in a company is what great recruitment is all about. We differentiate ourselves by our vast knowledge in different sectors and by our talented pool of professionals. Moreover, we carry out the proper follow up with our successful candidates to ensure successful acclimate to the new company and job.

ENMA’s vision is to become the regional most sought-after recruitment agency and preferred recruiter for prominent companies. We believe employees are the company’s most valuable asset and finding the right candidate is of paramount importance.

Since its inception, ENMA has always subscribed to the highest ethical business practice. Driven by excellence, we pride ourselves in our service delivery and our endeavor is to assist our clients to find the right candidate. We also create the ideal platform for job seekers to showcase their credentials and experience. ENMA guarantees its clients that irrespective of what their requirements are, our team will find you the candidate that matches the job profile and expertise.

ENMA’s sourcing methods have proved to be effective on several accounts. We always want to assist job seekers and look forward to a healthy business relationship with our clients.

Welcome to ENMA Recruitment.

Kamel Yassin

MD – ENMA Recruitment


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